ML “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve

Fleming Cabin at ML "Red" Trabue Nature Reserve

Fleming Cabin

Snow time is a great time to take photographs and one of my favorite locations is ML “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve in Dublin, Ohio.  There are several ways to get there by foot but I usually drive to the entrance off of Post Road just a short distance west of Avery-Muirfield Drive.  The parking lot has plenty of space. 

Take the path to the northwest and just keep going. On your way you will see the branches curved down with the weight of the snow.

Pond at Trabue Reserve

Pond at Trabue Reserve

 Eventually, you will pass the Fleming Cabin.  Cross the bridge and follow the path to the left and continue straight until you see the pond.   It always amazes me that this pond is in the middle of houses and a school but it seems to be untouched.  You can walk

Bluebird Houses

Waiting for Bluebirds

around the pond to the boardwalk and sit awhile (I reserve that for warmer weather).  You’ll pass the Bluebird houses with their snow caps.  You’ll see this kind of bird house all around Dublin.  (I just saw some at Brand and SR745.)

Dogs are allowed in the park and I take mine with me.  She usually meets someone of her species on the walk, but since she is a Golden Retriever she snuggles up to the dog walker for some petting.

The images in this post are clickable. ” The Fleming Cabin” and “Waiting for Bluebirds” will be on display along with some of my other images and those of Bev Goldie at the Dublin Rec. Center outside the Abbey Theater for the month of February 2011. 
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Did You Know that The Buckeye Ranch serves over 1,300 young people every day?

Tim Woodard, Managing Director of Development, The Buckeye Ranch

Tim Woodard, Managing Director of Development, The Buckeye Ranch

Wow! In the back of my mind it was this camp-like place in Grove City, but Tim Woodard, the managing director of development for The Buckeye Ranch set me straight at my Kiwanis meeting on January 18th.  

While The Buckeye Ranch does have residential services (they house 88 children currently) they offer a wide variety of other services throughout the community.  They have community based programs (one of their centers is a renovated Big Bear)that accept Medicaid clients, foster care in Columbus, Grove City, Newark, Cincinnati, and Dayton, educational programs and more.

The Buckeye Ranch has over 400 employees and is embarking on a campaign to raise $7.5 million to fund critical renovation and expansion.  If you would like to give to the Ranch go to

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Why Do My Clients Need ME?

This question was posed by a speaker I recently heard.  His name is Steve Luckenbach ( and he was speaking to a group of Financial Advisors. 

Steve Luckenbach

Steve Luckenbach at NAIFA-Columbus

He contended that clients want advisors that care about them rather than advisors that just spouted facts.  That intent should be service rather than profit.  It reminded me of a old saying – “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”  All this can be applied to almost any business.

The slogan for Kabob Images and Design is “Presenting the Best of You” and I always work to create an photograph that flatters the subject while projecting the desired image.  It’s clear I care about the person I am working with and that is something that clients need. 

On the other hand it made me think about who I am marketing my services to.   Who really needs my services and what do they need them for? How am I specially equipped to provide them? The answers to these questions will help direct me to the area where I can provide the most service.

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Pink and Yellow DahliaAs part of a self discovery seminar, I was asked to define my purpose.  What I determined was more of a direction than the big “Life’s Purpose”.  I want to share the beauty I see in the world with others.  Sharing my work at an art show this summer confirmed that feeling.  Although I wanted to sell my work, it was also very gratifying to watch others enjoy my photographs. 

This blog will be part of that sharing – including my “beautiful” images as well as some that are more informative. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Please come again.

Kar Shepherd

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