At the Zoo

Doesn’t everyone love to go to the Zoo? I know I do.  My friend, Michele and I Flamingowent with cameras in hand in search of great images. (Click to see a few of my images). At the Columbus Zoo the first creatures to greet you as you come out of the tunnel are the Flamingos.  They are the perfect subjects for a photographer in search of Color.

After some time with the Flamingos, my friend took me to previously unvisited territory in the Australia Exhibit.  I was totally charmed by the Lorikeets and intend to bring young guests to meet them next time they visit.

From Lorikeets to the Boat Launch Area and there were no boats in sight. I had hoped to find some interesting images and maybe fabulous flowers near the river, but no luck.  On the way back from the boat dock a Komodo Dragon posed for us. He/she sure knows how to stick out a tongue.

Nearby the Gibbons were having a great time.  They seem to be able to hang in any shape they want.  They are definitely on my revisit list.

My tips for going to the Zoo.  Go in the morning and check out “Voyage to Australia and the Islands”.

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