Freezing Rain

Mr. Cardinal

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The freezing rain painted crystal on our trees. And our mailboxes, gutters, and power lines. This morning as I opened the garage door I saw a tree lying across my driveway.  It was my neighbor’s tree – a tall white pine and my husband had it cleared in less than 30 minutes.  Last night we were awakened by the sounds of ice falling from trees onto our roof. This lasted from about 3 A.M. to 6 A.M. (when I finally got up).  On the bright side – we did have power.
Even though it was overcast the day before, I managed to get a few images from inside the house and my car.  The rain coated everything including my mailbox post, pergola, branches, berries and pine needles.  I was taking pictures of Mr. Cardinal but he flew away.

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