Winter Squirrels


Yesterday morning the squirrels posed for a profile picture in the cold and snowy backyard.  The single squirrel image was taken with my new Nikkor 70-200 2.8 lens, iso 400, 1/200, f4.5 edited with NIK Silver Efex Pro2 – high structure smooth.

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Food Pantry Donations

My family is coming to my house for Thanksgiving and as I was writing my grocery list I

Karen Shepherd and Walt Buss at the Dublin Coffman Football Game, October 26, 2012Karen Shepherd and Walt Buss at the Dublin Coffman Football Game

thought of other families who are in need this holiday season.  In October my Kiwanis group ( collected food for the Dublin Food Pantry at a local football game (It was a cold and rainy evening). It occured to me that I could add a couple of the needed items to my shopping list. You can find them too at or  At this time of year there are many  locations where you can drop off your donation – sometimes even at the grocery store!

Have a Happy Turkey Day and give thanks.

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Dublin Area Art League Fall Show

Sunset with boats at Beaufort, SC

Sunset with boats at Beaufort, SC

The Dublin Area Art League is having its Fall Art Show at the Dublin Rec Center through December 7, 2012. Thirty artists contributed to this very colorful exhibition of local art.   See for more details.  This Beaufort, SC image was one of my entries for the show.

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Disc Golf at Griggs Reservoir

Disc Golf BasketMy dog, Belle,  and I were taking a walk near Griggs Reservoir yesterday and discovered the Disc Golf Course there. Wow! It looked like a great place to go to play.
We met a young father with his two small daughters and he explained that the discs they use …are not like regular Frisbees and would hurt if you tried to catch them.  He had at least 7 different discs in various colors and said that various discs had different flight patterns. (learn more at )  Another golfer let us take a picture of him throwing the disk.  If you look at my pictures at you will see how absorbed Belle is with Disc Golf.
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At the Zoo

Doesn’t everyone love to go to the Zoo? I know I do.  My friend, Michele and I Flamingowent with cameras in hand in search of great images. (Click to see a few of my images). At the Columbus Zoo the first creatures to greet you as you come out of the tunnel are the Flamingos.  They are the perfect subjects for a photographer in search of Color.

After some time with the Flamingos, my friend took me to previously unvisited territory in the Australia Exhibit.  I was totally charmed by the Lorikeets and intend to bring young guests to meet them next time they visit.

From Lorikeets to the Boat Launch Area and there were no boats in sight. I had hoped to find some interesting images and maybe fabulous flowers near the river, but no luck.  On the way back from the boat dock a Komodo Dragon posed for us. He/she sure knows how to stick out a tongue.

Nearby the Gibbons were having a great time.  They seem to be able to hang in any shape they want.  They are definitely on my revisit list.

My tips for going to the Zoo.  Go in the morning and check out “Voyage to Australia and the Islands”.

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Freezing Rain

Mr. Cardinal

Click for Web Album

The freezing rain painted crystal on our trees. And our mailboxes, gutters, and power lines. This morning as I opened the garage door I saw a tree lying across my driveway.  It was my neighbor’s tree – a tall white pine and my husband had it cleared in less than 30 minutes.  Last night we were awakened by the sounds of ice falling from trees onto our roof. This lasted from about 3 A.M. to 6 A.M. (when I finally got up).  On the bright side – we did have power.
Even though it was overcast the day before, I managed to get a few images from inside the house and my car.  The rain coated everything including my mailbox post, pergola, branches, berries and pine needles.  I was taking pictures of Mr. Cardinal but he flew away.

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A Gift for Non-Profits

Free Photos! Kabob Images and Design will take a picture of each board member of a non-profit organization at no charge!  The organization will receive an electronic copy of each image for use on the non-profit’s website. 

If the non-profit wishes to have print quality images, they can pay $20 per image for use of the image to represent their group.   Individual board members may purchase electronic images and prints for their own use at special reduced prices.  

Mike Hufford of Heartland Bank -

Mike Hufford

Betty Clark of

Betty Clark

Typical images are shown on the About Us page of The Kiwanis Club of Greater Dublin website.  The most recent images are Michael Hufford and Betty Clark.

Contact Kar@kabobdesign for more information about this offier.
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